As part of the plays development programmes for some early performances included a feedback form for audience members to complete (purely voluntary of course!).

Here is a selection of quotes:

Guilden Sutton Players (Nr Chester) – Edinburgh Fringe

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“I know a reviewer’s rigorous critical faculties should never be dimmed, but there’s a context to this show which has some bearing on the audience response: this is for charity. 

Wait, before you jump to the conclusion that I’ve been dishing out charity stars, this is in fact a genuinely funny and even touching ensemble piece.

It’s the tale of the Cheshire Cats, a group of women walkers who are off to London to take part in the Moonwalk – a charity event to raise money for breast cancer care – all done in the manner of Calendar Girls or Dinner Ladies. There are hijinks with the outfits the Cats wear to walk, the tensions of dealing with a bossy cat who behaves like a drill sergeant, fear of slipped discs and plenty of other silly giggles......”   Claire Black, The Scotsman

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"I want to know if you followed us the night of the Edinburgh Moonwalk!!Lo!! I WAS that Maggie. We HAD that Hilary! Honestly – you captured everything that was in the Moonwalk!! It was so funny!! I don’t know where to start......I wish it was on video...We sat on the train home giggling...a few tears were shed as well...” Margaret Smith, Proud Owner of a Marathon Medal

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“How can I ever thank you for all the fantastic energy, enthusiasm, creativity and love that you have poured, or should I say purred into “Cheshire Cats”, and that is not to mention the fundraising.......I know that for Cheshire Cats this is just the beginning, we are so very proud of you all and look forward to being part of your exciting adventure. Thank you for uniting with us against breast cancer.  Nina Barough. Founder of Walk the Walk Worldwide

Guilden Sutton Players – Gateway Theatre Chester

Quotes from our audiences!

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“Funny ! Poignant! Enjoyable!”
“Well written by a people spotter extraordinaire.Very comical but the message was powerful and poignantly portrayed......”
“..very funny, if I had been told it was a Willy Russell play I would not have been surprised.....”
“I attended the performance with a party of friends from Lymm WI....what a treat was in store...a wonderful show full of humour and also a little sadness..”
“As someone who has actually done the Moonwalk it was so true to life - right down to the Drunk and the Policeman. Brought back some fantastic memories...”
“Just to say how very much I enjoyed the performance at the Gateway. I laughed al lthe way through until the last scene which made me cry. It was brilliant. Thanks to you and your very talented cast.

Silverdale Village Players, Cumbria - Silverdale Village Hall

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Whether it’s a Moonwalk, a Starwalk or a Midnight Walk, ladies trekking through the night in skimpy underwear has been raising money for cancer and hospice charities and sweeping the country. Now the same phenomenon has swept the stage....a cross between a girls night out and a real mission to support a cause so close to them....Credit to the whole cast and the director Harriet Bradfield for a production which captivated the sell-out audiences from start to  finish, taking them through tragedy and comedy along the way....” Clive Shelley, Rapport magazine-St Johns Hospice Lancaster